Future Scientists take part in a fun rocket day!

Last Friday, St John’s College in Southsea were privileged to host Southampton University’s Spaceflight Society. The Society aims to get young students excited about practical science and inspire them to study STEM subjects at university and beyond.

Pupils from Year 4 to 6 undertook a number of workshops where they learnt about the physics of rockets and worked in teams to build their own model rockets. They finished their day by testing their prototypes in the Junior School Playground, with some astonishing heights achieved.

Nick Jenkins, Junior Science coordinator at St John’s College, commented, “The society certainly achieved its aim in enthusing our young scientists and we hope to work with them again in the future”.

One of the Spaceflight team, Richard Gladdis, said “The children were amazing. Very keen and asked lots of questions - we hope to see some of them at Southampton University in the future!”