Remembrance at Battle Abbey Prep School

Battle Abbey Prep School House Captains attend Bexhill Service of Remembrance.

As November 11th approached, the wearing of poppies became commonplace at Battle Abbey Prep. The children’s knowledge of Armistice Day was vital and it was important that all ages understood the meaning and significance of Remembrance Day. Battle Abbey Prep School have conducted assembly presentations, lessons and activities to help pupils to remember the fallen soldiers on Armistice Day. Children have been encouraged to reflect and commemorate those who have lost their lives in the line of duty whilst our older pupils have been asked to remember how the lives of those left behind are affected and that we enjoy our lives and freedoms today due to those who have given their lives in war.

Many of our children attended memorials on Sunday 11th November and our house captains and Head teacher Maria Maslin attended the Bexhill Service of Remembrance held at the war memorial. Mrs Maslin noted, “After a poignant and moving service, the children placed their poppies at the base of the memorial alongside the wreaths. They felt very proud to have represented our school community at such an important occasion.”

‘Remembrance’ is something that can be shared. It shows that we have not forgotten what happened long ago, to people in our own and other people’s families. This echoes the family atmosphere and importance to children’s well-being that our school endorse. We recognise that every child is unique and needs nurturing to achieve their potential. The importance of showing empathy, understanding and recognising others achievements has continued as the children have also just finished collecting and making gifts for children who will not get a Christmas gift this year.