Trio of Rotary Young Writer Competition wins for Clayesmore Prep

Three Clayesmore Year 7 pupils have emerged as winners of the Rotary Young Writer Competition's District Final. Jenny was runner-up, Georgie placed second and Millie was crowned the overall District Winner. Her story is through to the National Final.

Three Year 7 Clayesmore Prep pupils have emerged as winners in the District Final of the Young Writer Competition sponsored by Rotary International in Britain and Ireland. They competed in the Intermediate age group open to 11- to 13-year-olds and Millie C. was crowned the overall winner. Georgie B. was placed second and Jenny A. was a runner-up. 

The Rotary Young Writer Competition consists of Local Heats, District Competitions and the National Final, to which Millie's story will now go through. 

The theme, 'A Different Perspective', was open to interpretation and thus allowed the pupils' imaginations to soar. All three stories show incredible maturity and thoughtful interpretations of the overarching theme.

In Jenny's story an extended metaphor is used, capturing a raging tsunami as a galloping horse. The narrative voice is the rider of this magnificent but deadly beast. The narrator in Georgie's story is Xeroderma Pigmentosum, the sunlight disease, who will not allow Jack to lead a normal life. Millie's District-winning story takes the narrative viewpoint of a young woman suffering from obsessive–compulsive disorder who believes she is constantly under threat.

This Rotary Young Writer prize adds to a string of creative writing accolades this academic year for Jenny, whose most recent other short story reached the second round of BBC's 500 Words competition in April - an accomplishment Millie also achieved last year.